Here you can find projects I'm involved with that are in the works


Distopi is a game about the world in 2040, the planet has stopped rotating due to the use of a more potent methanol (discovered deep underground in a hidden forest) in the 80's, this caused shock across the globe and left half of the world in permanent darkness. The main character is River, an arrogant, 17 year old girl. As the planet dives into depression the nightmare becomes more real and stakes get higher, human's start to develop new qualities, it's the same for River.

NoMercy Build Team

NoMercy Build Team is a new and growing build team. We are a set of builders that you can hire to build for your server. We strive to make sure that you get your build with the highest quality we can do and as fast as we possibly can

Cookie MC Network

We are a small, friendly Minecraft community which hosts a variety of servers for you to play on. You do not even have to play Minecraft to be a part of this community, as we host many other fun things as well! This server has a plethora of things to explore. As for the discord itself, we have a general chat to talk in at will, various Minecraft related channels which show Minecraft related things, and even some bots to mess around with and have fun!

Inquisition of 2b2t

The Inquisition of 2b2t wants to provide a fun and chill place to hang out in the most hostile anarchy server in all of minecraft

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